Instytut Fotonowy  specializes in manufacturing custom made scientific instruments.
We have also  ambition of becoming a world wide brand for spectro- and photo-electrochemistry equipment. Our strength springs from a high level of flexibility in adjusting hardware and software functionality to the specific needs of customers.


Instruments for semiconductor characterization


Tools and accessories for photoelectrochemistry and electrochemistry


CCD and monochromator based spectrometers for UV, Vis and NIR.

light sources

Lasers and incoherent light sources: xenon lamps, LED illuminators, mercury arc lamps, halogen sources and more.


Optomechanical devices:: designed for low EM emission choppers, stackable filter wheels, and others.


Detectors and measurement instruments: potentiostats, Kelvin probes, light intensity calibrators …


Products that do not fit into other categories.

YOU HAVE NOT FOUND A NEEDED PRODUCT? We are ready to make one just for you.
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