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Laser spectroscopy kit will let you to:

  • See the structure of the D2 transition,
    52S1/2 -> 52P3/2 in Rubidium
  • Demonstrate absorption spectroscopy
    – which reveals the hyperfine structure of a ground state
  • Perform saturated spectroscopy,
    – to learn hyperfine structure of an excited state
  • Determine frequency scale,
    – where laser is tuned with a Michelson interferometer
  • Demonstrate the Zeeman effect
    – by measurement of magnetorotation about absorption lines – Maculoso-Corbino Effect
  • Perform isotopic analysis of Rubidium
    – by absorbance measurement of 85Rb and 87Rb isotopes


Our ECDL Spectroscopy Kit includes:

  1. External Cavity Diode Laser in Littrow configuration,
    with the beam rotation at tuning cancelled
  2. Complete laser driver set in the euro subrack housing, consisting of the following modules:
    – Current stabilized from 0 to 200 mA(other ranges available), 30nA RMS noise, max. 20ppm / K drift
    – Multi-turn knob for adjusting current, red LED laser-on indicator
    – On-board adjustable current limit
    – Diode current high frequency modulation (up to 100MHz) with 50-ohm BNC connector
    – Additional BNC connector configurable as input: current modulation 1mA/V; current setting (knob override) 20 mA / V; output of laser photodiode current or laser current noise monitor
  • Laser temperature stabilisation block
    – Temperature setting by multi-turn knob,
    – Very high stability – 3mK RMS (15 min)
    – Bipolar TEC control (heating and cooling) with a maximum current of 4 A and a voltage of 6 V with current limit ability (separate for cooling and heating),
    – Separately adjustable PID parameters by mounting potentiometers on the front panel module
  • Tuning controller (piezo) block:
    – Triangle tuning waveform generator with a frequency from 0.1 to 200Hz, additional continuous adjust over one decade range
    – Adjustable amplitude and offset allows to convenient adjust tuning range
    – Adjustable current-piezo scan coupling, allowing to avoid the laser mode hopping
    – Output voltage range ±12V, short-circuit proof
    – Timing output to trigger the oscilloscope
  • Photodiodes/polarimeter interface block:
    – Two-channel BNC input and output allows subtracting the DC component of the input signals and obtaining the sum and difference of these signals (useful for differential absorption measurement)
    – Connector for connecting the polarimeter and BNC outputs for sum and difference signal,
    – The differential signal from the polarimeter has switchable gain.
  • Monitor block with two LCD meters showing:
    – Laser current,
    – Photodiode current
    – Piezo voltage,
    – One external slot for other uses (e.g. optional wavelength stabilization system),
    – Current laser temperature,
    – Temperature set point (thermistor resistance),
    – Difference between current temperature and the set point,
    – TEC module current.

3.  Post-mountable small light detectors
– With silicon photodiode and BNC output with sensitivity 1-1000V/mW (replacement resistor)

4.  Post-mountable polarimeter
– With crystal polarizer and two photodiodes with high-speed and low-noise preamplifier
– Polarimeter can be conveniently rotated in the mount with angle scale
5.  The system of three pairs of Helmholtz coils, which allows you to:
– To adjust the intensity of the magnetic field in three orthogonal axes
– Dedicated power supply allowing to set the current in each coil pair separately
– Possibility of external current modulation in all three axes
– Maximum current is ±3 A
6.  Rubidium cell with a natural isotope abundance

7.  Mirrors, beam-splitters, optical wedge and a quarter waveplate

8.  Posts mounts for optical elements

9.  Aluminum breadboard with M6 holes for fixing


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