About Us

We build tens of projects for scientific laboratories annually.
To accomplish that we needed to master design of electronics, mechanics and optics.

Zbigniew Karkuszewski cofounder of Instytut Fotonowy

“There are many ways to waste your life. Science is the most entertaining. Only for insiders, though.”

Instytut Fotonowy

In English, the name of the company means Photon Institute. It captures the character of the organization.  For money, we design and build laboratory equipment mostly involved with detection, shaping and generation of light. Then we spend it on our own research.
Our scientists work on developing and applying new useful technologies or they waste our hard earned money on useless, although admittedly scientifically appealing, experiments. Since the people are very intelligent, it is hard to tell the two activities apart.

We have tens of completed projects for scientific labs every year. They are centered in very diverse areas like atomic spectroscopy, nuclear physics, electrochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and others. Expertise in those fields positions us in a unique  spot to creatively solve often quite challenging tasks.
If you have a scientific problem that no one else is willing to approach, we are probably the right place to either confront the idea with technological reality or to get a hint where the solution can be found.


Who do we work for?
  • for companies that would like to introduce or upgrade their products,
  • for inventors from universities, that bring their ideas to be actually developed and sometimes commercialized,
  • for scientific laboratories in need for custom made instruments, repairs of equipment they already have or for calibration or consulting services.

Young Experiment

Our logo (by PLEO design) has been inspired by Thomas Young double-slit experiment. The experiment is at the very heart of our understanding of nature of the Universe and, arguably, notoriously misunderstood.


Dr. Zbigniew Karkuszewski, after getting master’s degree in theoretical physics, has been invited to work in Los Alamos National Laboratory. While working for LANL, he established his first company that secured newly born home Wi-Fi networks. Fascinated by ever accelerating technological progress, he decided to help most innovative scientists with access to custom made laboratory instruments by starting a new company that would design and build such devices.
The company would need to hire gifted scientists on its own. In the USA, people with right set of skills for the task would be already employed and hard to get. Thus, the decision to locate the company in Poland in one of the largest academia centers – Cracow.
In 2007 four partners: Winicjusz Filipow, Piotr Struski, Krzysztof Kiersnowski and Zbigniew Karkuszewski founded Instytut Fotonowy.


Our greatest strength comes from ability of people working for Instytut Fotonowy. There are technology oriented worldwide corporations like Google, Samsung or Siemens that hire talented people.
To work for Instytut Fotonowy such level of talent might not be enough.
Building commercial prototypes of scientific instruments from such diverse research areas like nuclear physics, biotechnology and chemistry requires both deep understanding of Nature and present day knowledge of scientific frontiers. Those prototypes need to be designed to discover new science, after all.
One cannot meet those requirements without intelligence and passion.
If you lack some of those, we are sorry, CEO position is already taken.


We need REALLY smart people. If you are one of them, you can use Polish version of this page to find out about available jobs.