Time-Resolved Spectrofluorometer FPC-TDC first photon counting

Measurements of samples with low fluorescence efficiency


Instrument is designed to research fluorescence phenomena in materials. Samples are excited with picosecond laser pulse and system measures time of flight of the single photon from the sample, through monochromator to photomultiplier. Observed statistics of the measured times of flight reconstructs the shape of the fluorescence pulse from the sample.

Crutial requirement for proper FPC-TDC Spectrofluorometer performance is low probability (< 10%) of photon reaching the photomultiplier. Thus, the instrument is peerless in measurements of materials with low fluorescence yield.

The appliance is adapted to test and characterize electro-chemical samples.

Quantities measured by the instrument:

  • Fluorescence time decay in relation to wavelength of light and polarization potential (in case of electro-chemical sample)
  • Emissive fluorescence spectrum
  • Current-voltage characteristics
  • Open circuit potential (OCP)
  • Current flowing through the sample with particular polarization potential

Spectrofluorometer modules

  1. Closed sample chamber
  2. Femtosecond laser
  3. Monochromator for UV, VIS and IR range
  4. Photomultiplier
  5. Potentiostat providing full characteristics of electro-chemical sample
  6. Electrochemical cuvette with platinum electrode and reference Ag/AgCl electrode
  7. Time-digital converter
  8. Computer with dedicated software FotoGUI

Sample chamber:

Inside sample chamber

Optical path of laser beam and fluorescence light from the sample

Cuvette for sample under test



  • Time resolution: 27 ps
  • Maximum time of measurement: 500 ns
  • Photomultiplier: R928 Hammamatsu
  • Spectral range of Monochromator: 200 – 1200 nm
  • Laser wavelengths: 405 nm, 450 nm, 530 nm, 630 nm
  • Potentiostat: possibility of conducting wide range of electrochemical research

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