Air Mass 1.5G filter mini For solar simulators
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This Air Mass 1.5G filter has been designed for 1 inch optics.

It is a coated fused silica plate that converts a xenon lamp radiation into normalized AM1.5G light with spectral fidelity of class A grade (EN-60904-9).

The filter is mounted in a case compatible with 1″ Thorlabs holders.

It can be used with filter changers and with xenon lamps. With the latter it forms an AAA class solar simulator.

The 1″ Air Mass filter can be used with photoelectric spectrometers at the white output holder or at the monochromator output.

The latter configuration provides an interesting possibility of measuring quantum efficiencies with monochromatic and white normalized light without moving a sample.


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  • Base material:  fused silica
  • Aperture :  19.5 mm
  • External diameter:  1″
  • External thread: 1.035″-40
  • Suitable for xenon lamps with XBO 150 W bulbs
  • No retaining ring needed

ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
Filter wheel
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