Angular sphere

The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources

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The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources.

It consists of the main part, where the light source is placed and the control electronics

Main part of the equipment

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Control electronics

  • The light source is mounted in the base and can be rotated by an angle of ±90°, with an accuracy of 1°. The angle of rotation is set by the software
  • Next, the arm is started. It scans the light source in the vertical plane in a range of 0 – 340°. 340 10-bit light intensity samples are collected
  • Then light source can be set to a different angle and again scanned in the vertical plane. This allows to examine the three-dimensional
    characteristics of the intensity of the light source
  • Thread for the light source is a standard E27 (we make reductions for E14 and GU10)
  • The light source can be moved vertically – set right in the middle of the sphere
  • Power source is switched from the program
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