Motorized multi-axis vacuum table precise sample positioning

Precise sample movement, wide range of application in research.

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Motorized Multi-Axis Vacuum Table is a compact solution which may be used in wide range of applications where the precision of positioning is significant. The table is equipped with a vacuum system for holding a sample in place.
The table may be equipped with a built-in light sensor of any type, installed at the table surface. An additional metallic coating may be deposited on the table surface to provide appropriate electrical contact with the sample.



  • Motorized and Manual regulation of position in two axis: X and Y,
  • Stroke in X and Y axis: 20 cm,
  • Movement precision: 0.01 mm,
  • Manual regulation of table height in Z axis,
  • Stroke for Z axis: 12 mm,

  • Maximum sample size: 20 x 20 cm,
  • Vacuum system for sample holder,
  • Optional table surface coating: golden or chromium,
  • Optional contact electrodes, manually placed at any point of the sample,


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