Monochromator converts the white light into the monochromatic

Automated grating switching, slits’ widths regulation and output wavelength selection


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A monochromator is an optical device that diffracts the light. It enables to convert the white light into the monochromatic light.

Our monochromators use a Czerny-Turner configuration with two aluminum coated mirrors.

Their spectral range and resolution is determined by its diffraction grating. The more grooves per millimeter the narrower spectral range and better resolution.
The monochromators come equipped with motorized turret with four grating slots.

The device may be equipped with either manually or automatically operated entrance and exit slits. The number and placement of the slits can be customized and depends on the additional equipment used in the experiment.

The monochromator is operated via dedicated software which allows to select the output wavelength and control the internal shutter.

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  • Spectral range: 200 nm – 24 µm (grating dependent!)
  • Focal length: 200 mm
  • Aperture ratio: f/4
  • Number and configuration of slits: customizable
  • Slit adjustment: motorized
  • Maximum slit width: 5 mm
  • Maximum number of gratings: 4
  • Grating selection mechanism: motorized

  • Dispersion: 4 nm/mm for 1200 gr/mm grating
  • Wavelength setup: digital
  • Internal shutter setup: digital
  • External connectivity: serial port RS485
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz or 120 V / 60 Hz
  • Size: 260x273x120 mm (l. x w. x h.)
  • Weight: about 8 kg
Spectral rangeResolutionBlaze wavelengthgr / mmEfficiency curve
200-1200 nm0.1 nm250 nm1200PDF file
200-1200 nm0.1 nm300 nm1200PDF file
200-1200 nm0.1 nm500 nm1200PDF file
200-1200 nm0.1 nm750 nm1200PDF file
200-1200 nm0.1 nm1200 nm1200PDF file
200-2400 nm0.2 nm250 nm600PDF file
200-2400 nm0.2 nm300 nm600PDF file
200-2400 nm0.2 nm500 nm600PDF file
200-2400 nm0.2 nm750 nm600PDF file
200-2400 nm0.2 nm1200 nm600PDF file
200-2400 nm0.2 nm1600 nm600PDF file
ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
Air Mass 1.5G filter mini
Filter wheel
Low EM emission chopper/shutter
Motorized iris diaphragm
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