Bioluminescence setup for plants and other biological samples

Designed to measure even single photons due to bioluminescence or chemiluminescence

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Chemical reactions in living cells can result in emitted radiation called bioluminescence. Fresh fruits and vegetables can produce small number of photons until internal reactions stop.
The bioluminescence setup is designed to capture and register those photons.


  • Spectral range of the detector: from 185 nm to 710 nm
  • Measurement accuracy: adjustable by discrimination threshold (single photons possible)
  • Maximum sensitivity: at 410 nm
  • Quantum efficiency at 410 nm: 23%
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The setup consists of:

  • PMT with power electronics
  • light-tight specimen chamber 30x30x30 cm
  • electronic controller with USB 2.0
  • intuitive software for experiment control
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