Potentiostat for electric and photoelectric characterization of samples

Universal device for precise current and voltage measurements.

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Potentiostat is an universal, experimental device that allows to apply various measurement techniques. Device may be used in two and three electrodes setup and can handle up to two external photodiodes. The instrument is capable of measuring currents down to 1 pA.

The device may serve also as a Controller for multiple other instruments from Instytut Fotonowy.

Techniques and quantities measured by the instrument:

  • Electric current of the sample,
  • Chronoamperometry (CA),
  • Photocurrent of the sample illuminated with white or monochromatic light,
  •  Open Circuit Potential (OCP),
  •  Cyclic voltammetry (CV),
  •  I-V characteristics,



  • Bias potential range: -5 V ÷ 5 V,
  • Current ranges: 10 nA, 100 nA, 1 µA, 10 µA, 100 µA, 1 mA, 10 mA,
  • Current resolution: from 1 pA to 100 nA (range dependent),


  • Maximum sampling rate: 1 kSample/s,
  • Connection with PC: via USB 2.0,
  • Power supply: via USB connection,
  • Two photodiode inputs that may be simultaneously handled,
  • RS485 socket to control devices,

Controller inputs/output

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The potentiostat can use two- or three- electrode measuring method:


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ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
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Photoelectric Spectrometer
Potentiostat cables
Universal cuvette
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