Sample Chamber for EM and ambient light protection

Shields samples from ambient light and electromagnetic fields

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The Sample Chamber helps in sensitive measurements by protecting a sample from external EM fields and ambient light. It also helps keeping optics clean.

In photoelectrochemical measurement where electric currents smaller that 10 nA are to be recorder, the Sample Chamber forms a Faraday cage and reduces EM noise below pA levels.

Similarly when small light intensity are measured, as with reflected light and an integrating sphere, influence of ambient light would swamp the actual signal.

The connector port on the side of the chamber allows a potentiostat to be mounted directly to the chamber without any cables.

Usually the chamber is used with a monochromator of photoelectric spectrometer. It can also be used with mini photoelectric spectrometers.

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The Sample Chamber is equipped with the BNC sockets that allows to measure electrochemical samples with the Potentiostat assembled outside the chamber.

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  • Internal dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm;
  • Number of side ports: 4
  • Diameter of side ports: 25 mm (1″)
  • Floor: aluminum breadboard for easy optics attaching.
  • Standard connector: for potentiostat, filter wheel and photodiodes.
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