Spectrofluorometer for fluorescence research in electrochemical samples

Wide spectral range of research, high measurement sensitivity, light source intensity stabilization,


The instrument is designed for fluorescence research in electrochemical samples (solid and liquid state). Enables to capture emissive and excitation spectrum of the sample. The sample may be illuminated with both: white and monochromatic light in 200 – 1200 nm range. The high efficient xenon lamp with innovative light intensity stabilization mode is used as a white light source in the system. In combination with Air Mass 1.5G Filter it can mimic the solar light spectrum. At the entrance of the sample chamber a monochromator is situated. Monochromator is equipped with automatically regulated input slit (where the light from xenon lamp source is directed) and output slit (from where the light is directed to the sample chamber entrance). Regulating the slits width enables to control the intensity of the incident light.

At the sample chamber output a second monochromator is situated. These monochromator catches the emission light from sample. At the output slit of the monochromator a photomultiplier connected to the controller and counter captures the photons of fluorescence. The whole fluorescence spectrum may  be precisely defined. The monochromator construction enables also to measure the total fluorescence light intensity (all the emissive wavelengths may be captured simultaneously). Filter wheels at the entrance and the output of the sample chamber can additionally reduce the stray light in the system.

It is possible to extend the spectrum range of the system up to 1800 nm using additional light source (halogen lamp) and additional photomultiplier.

The performance of the whole instrument is fully automated. The system operation is realized via dedicated, intuitive FotoGUI software.

Quantities measured by the instrument:

  • Excitation spectrum of the fluorescence,
  • Emissive spectrum of the fluorescence

Spectrofluorometer modules

  1. Closed sample chamber,
  2. Two Monochromators (at the entrance and the output of the sample chamber), working on UV, VIS and IR range,
  3. Photomultiplier at the monochromator output which captures the samples fluorescence light,
  4. Electronic counter processing the signal from photomultiplier,
  5. Potentiostat working on controlling mode, connected to the photomultiplier,
  6. Sample assembly (customization for the specific sample type available),
  7. Two filter wheels at the entrance and the output of the sample chamber with six separate filters positions,
  8. Xenon lamp with controller and water cooling system,
  9. IPCE photodiode controlling current incident light beam intensity,
  10. Computer with dedicated FotoGUI software.


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  • Photomultiplier: R928P Hammamatsu with adjustable sensitiveness (regulated with voltage in 500 – 1200 V range), spectral range: 160 – 900 nm,
  • Spectral range of the monochromators: 200 – 1200 nm (extension up to 1800 nm available – additional grating necessary),
  • Xenon lamp: three stabilization modes: (light intensity, lamp current and lamp power), spectral range: 200-1200 nm
  • Custom filter types, including Air Mass 1.5G,
  • Custom, individual and adjustable sample assembly adapted to the sample type,
  • Incident light spectrum range may be extended up to 1800 nm – additional light source (halogen lamp) necessary.
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ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
Light Calibrator
Potentiostat cables
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