13 November 2017 How far to longevity escape velocity?

When you are born, you come with an expiration date called life expectancy. For newborns this year it would be about 70 years on global average or about 79 years in developed countries. Only 35 years ago the numbers were 60 and 72 years, respectively. Does it mean that folks in Europe that are 35 years old today have only 37 more years left? Well ... no. They will still have to wait...

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18 January 2014 The almighty AI in the complexity jail

The world around us is complex beyond comprehension. Not just beyond comprehension of a human being. It is beyond comprehension of any entity from this world. As humans, we are proud of our brains. After all, this is not our physical strength, endurance, superior senses or huge numbers that set as apart from the competition of other species and gave us dominance on this planet. It is our...

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9 December 2013 Solution to the Schrödinger’s cat paradox

The text bellow has been rejected by: Nature, Science, Physics Reports, Reviews of Modern Physics, Physical Review Letters and arXiv without even reaching a referee stage :) Please, let me know if you have an idea how to extend the list above. Although, quantum mechanics is the same for microscopic and macroscopic objects, there is a perception that the later do not exhibit basic quantum...

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1 December 2010 How to collimate light efficiently.

In classical optics, in order to narrow the width of the light beam comming up from an extensive source, a focus lense and a pinhole is used. That type of setting produces great losses in the intensity of the light and there is no improvement that can be achieved with use of more lenses, mirrors and screens. However, with the help of nonlinear optics there is hope to go beyond the limitation....

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10 August 2010 Of course physicists are romantic

Here is the proof: Partly cloudy sunset recorded from our lab For a trained eye this is a movie of a sunset recorded with one-pixel camera. Zbigniew Karkuszewski, August 10-th...

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26 June 2009 Beautiful proof of Pythagorean theorem

Zbigniew Karkuszewski, June 26-th...

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22 February 2009 Size matters for the Schrödinger’s cat

You may have heard that quantum world is weird or even worse, that quantum mechanics (QM) is so unnatural that no one really understands it. Well, judge for yourself. If you read this note through and still think it's all magic, punish yourself by buying from our competition. The most abused example of inner workings of QM is the Schrödinger's cat "paradox". The idea is to magnify a small...

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5 January 2009 How to kill a cancer cell?

Two years have passed since the seminal workof Canadian researchers on a drug that destroys cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue undamaged. The substance is called DCA (dichloroacetic acid) and is used in the form of sodium salt NaDCA dissolved in water. The drug is today in second stage of clinical trials (human patients) conducted in University of Alberta, Canada. The official DCA...

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22 October 2008 A-class headphone amplifier

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to build a simple amplifier of high sound fidelity? Have you thought if audiophiles are right claiming that quality must cost a fortune? If so, I suggest to build a simple A-class, single-ended amplifier and hear it with your own ears. It has a simple output stage and highest sound quality, free from a crossover and other harmonic distortions. MOSFET...

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26 May 2008 Consciousness for engineers

"Consciousness is a state that defies definition, but which may involve thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, dreams, and an awareness of self, although not necessarily all of these. Consciousness is a point of view, an I, or what Thomas Nagel called the existence of "something that it is like" to be something." - Wikipedia Have you ever tried to grasp the notion of...

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