Photovoltaic spectrometer for solar cells characterization

Instrument for solar cells characterizations


Photovoltaic spectrometer is a complete setup for solar cells’ spectral response investigation.
A sample is illuminated by a monochromatic beam, up to a few millimeters in diameter, in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared range. Additionally,  the sample may be excited by a normalized white AM1.5G light. The cell is placed on a motorized vacuum XY table, with a manual Z shift. The measurement is performed in a chamber that provides screening from external light.

Quantities measured by the instrument:

  • Photocurrent (I)
  • Spectral reflection coefficient (R)
  • Spectral transmission coefficient (T)


  • External quantum efficiency (EQE or IPCE)
  • Internal quantum efficiency (IQE or APCE)
  • Short-circuit current density (Jsc)

Spectrometer modules

  1. Experiment chamber
  2. Motorized vacuum XY table with vacuum pump
  3. Integrating sphere
  4. Xenon lampAM1.5G filter
  5. Monochromator with two entrance slits for automatic switching between light sources
  6. Xenon lamp at the monochomator’s entrance
  7. Halogen lamp at the monochomator’s entrance
  8. Potentiostat for sample bias
  9. Computer with dedicated software FotoGUI



Inside the sample chamber:


Reflected flux measurement

Photocurrent measurement


  • Spectral range: 200 nm – 1650 nm
  • Adjustable white light beam intensity: 0.01 – 0.1 W/cm²
  • Illumination homogeneity: 10 %
  • XY table range: 20 x 20 cm
  • Sample bias range: ± 2 V
  • Adjustable contact pins on top and bottom of the sample

ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
Light Calibrator
Xenon Short Arc, 150 W
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