Light calibrator Photoradiometer for UV, visible and NIR

The light calibrator serves as photo-radiometer and photometer for monochromatic and broadband light.

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The light calibrator functions as a photo-radiometer. It measures light intensity reaching a detector of 10 mm x 10 mm area expressed in W/cm^2.
It also works as photometer by measuring light intensity per 1 cm^2 as perceived by human eye and expressed in luxes (lx).
Notably, the instrument can accurately measure both monochromatic and white light.

The light calibrator serves as photo-radiometer of total light power reaching a sample attached to our universal photoelectrochemical cuvette. It fits right behind the output window of the cell and captures all the light passing through this part of the sample that has contact with an electrolyte.
The device solves the problem of a precise measurement of number of photons reaching the sample at a given wavelength. It is complementary tool to a photoelectric spectrometer equipped with IPCE (Incident Photon to Converted Electrons ratio) module. The module records the total light output of the spectrometer. Only fraction of this output reaches the sample. And that fraction is precisely estimated using the absolute IPCE calibrator.

The calibrator can be also employed as light intensity gauge for LED revolver in a mini photoelectric spectrometer.

Its photometric capabilities are used in automatic calibrations of Micro Fading Testers.

Calibrator head for 30 mm cage system


The head is armed with NIST traceble calibrated photodiode with active area of 1 cm2, that measures light power passing through the output window of the universal electrochemical cell.

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The cell without the calibrator head

The cell with the calibrator head


Basic parameters of the calibrator:

  • number of channels: 1
  • spectral range: 200 – 1100 nm
  • wavelength resolution step: 10 nm
  • sensor size: 10 mm x 10 mm
  • broadband measurements: white LED, Xenon light, sun light
  • number of current ranges: 5
  • maximum current: 20 mA

  • measurement placement: behind the “pass through” cell
  • power supply: USB socket
  • PC connection: serial (USB)


ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
Mini photoelectric spectrometer
Photoelectric spectrometer
Universal cuvette
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