Xenon lamp 150 W

One of the best xenon lamps with light intensity stabilization in the world



The Xenon lamp for either direct sample illumination or for use with an monochromator. It is the major light source used with photoelectric spectrometer.
It mostly used with an elliptic reflector which generates a white light beam converging into a single focal point about 20 cm from the lamp output window. This way one can vary light intensity density by changing sample distance from the lamp.

The lamp can be used with various filters. With an Air Mass filter it can serve as a solar simulator.



Due to an reflector engulfing the lamp, the setup has very good efficiency. Up to 70% of emitted radiation is captured by the reflector and directed at an illuminated sample.
The unit provides also three types of stabilization: electric current, electric power and light intensity stabilization. The light intensity stabilization mode helps the long term (order of hours) stability of the output beam. It also reduces the warm up time to about 3 minutes as compared with
30 minutes or longer with current stabilization.

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  • Nominal electric power: 150 W
  • Output beam: horizontal or vertical
  • Reflector type: elliptical (for convergent beam)
    or parabolic (for collimated beam)
  • Reflecting system efficiency: up to 70 %
  • Maximal electric current: 8.5 A
  • Normal working current: 7.5 A
  • Current resolution: 0.1 A
  • Stabilization of current: better than 0.1 %
  • Stabilization of light intensity: available

  • Warm up time: less than 180 sec (in light stabilization mode)
  • Current monitor output: BNC.
  • Photodiode monitor output: BNC.
  • Counter of bulb’s working hours .
  • Low electromagnetic emissivity of lamp starter,
    safe for other devices.
  • Quiet water cooling system.
  • Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz.
  • Optical bench: optional

The plot shows the difference in light intensity evolution in two available stabilization modes. The current in the current stabilization regime is kept constant with about 0.0025 % accuracy. Despite
of that, the light intesity changes significantly over time (black line) due to temperature and pressure changes within the xenon bulb.
The light intensity stabilization eliminates the long term drift
in the light output and makes it stable just 3 minutes after the lamp is switched on.

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ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
Air Mass 1.5G filter mini
Air Mass 1.5G filter
Water cooling system
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