LED Illuminator

Modular LED illuminator based on high power LED array that are driven and controlled by a PC’s USB port


Modular LED illuminator based on high power LED array that are driven and controlled by a PC’s USB port

LED arrays

LED arrays (ENFIS), 1cm2 each.

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Our illuminator contains several powerful LED arrays emitting radiation from near infrared through visible light to ultraviolet. Maximal optical radiation
of an array ranges from 2 to 7W emitted from surface of 1cm2. 4cm2 arrays are also avialable.

In basic configuration we offer six colors: near infrared, red, amber, green, blue and violet. Ultraviolet, white, RGB and RGBW arrays are also available.

Each LED array is driven by its own programmable controller that sets light intensity, modulation parameters and monitors temperature and photodiodes embeded in the array. The controllers are programmed from a PC via USB port and placed in a 19″-compatible desktop case.

The arrays can be modulated by an external voltage or by software. They can work independent of each other or in synchronized manner.

The arrays are mounted according to customer’s requirements.


  • Infrared array: 870nm, optical power 5 W
  • Red  array: 630nm, optical power 5 W
  • Amber  array: 595 nm, optical power 1.95 W
  • Green  array: 520 nm, optical power 2.8 W
  • Blue  array: 465 nm, optical power 6.9 W

  • Violet array: 405 nm, optical power 6.55W
  • Each array is air cooled
  • PC connection port: USB 2.0
  • AC power: 230 V AC or 110 V AC
  • Case: EURO 19″



Our illuminators are used by chemistry laboratories in experiments with photosensitive substances.
However, they can be used wherever monochromatic continous or impulse light sources are needed.


The pictures bellow show the illuminator at work at about 1% of maximal brightness.

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