LED revolver Light source covering the NIR, Vis and UV spectrum

Multiple LEDs light source for laboratory and scientific uses


LED revolver is a light source that contains 10 high power LEDs placed on a revolving disc. Only one of the LEDs can be turned on at the time.
LED selection, light intensity, duration and other parameters are driven from a program on a PC.
The device has a cage (Thorlabs or TECHSPEC from Edmund Optics compatible) type of sample holder with a manually adjustable lens that is used to focus light on a sample or on a waveguide.

The LED revolver can be used wherever a strong LED light is needed.
The LED disc that contains 10 single structure LEDs is exchangeable. One can order a disc with custom LEDs from the list below.
The LED revolver can be oriented in several ways depending on the application. It can also be mounted on an optical stand.
Forms Mini Photoelectric Spectrometer, when coupled with a potentiostat. The LED revolver is often used as an economy light source in Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy (SPS) with our Kelvin probe. The LED revolver attached to the Sample chamber illuminates a sample which is screened out from unwanted light sources and other electromagnetic noise.

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  • Spectral range: 280 nm – 1000 nm (depends on selection of LEDs)
  • Lens focal length: 25 mm
  • Number of LEDs per disc: 10
  • Disc rotation: automatized
  • Light beam focus: manual
  • Works with our potentiostats, Kelvin probes, IPCE calibrator, and more.

  • Light intensity adjustment: from PC
  • LED positioning on optical axis: automatized
  • Light on/off duration: from PC
  • PC connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 121 x 112 x 132 mm (l x w x h)

Other features:

  • auto close in – automatic turn off after a defined time, in [s]
  • use ramp – smooth light intensity increase after turning on, smooth decrease after turning off, transition time set in [s]
  • modulation – intensity modulation of a frequency given in [Hz], or a period in [s], with a given amplitude ‘Amp [%]’ and ‘Bias [%]’
  • LED specifications

    LED selection list

    NrMean waveleght [nm]Width [nm]Max current [mA]Max light power [mW]
    12white (420-700)28070060
    ACCESSORIES The following accessories are compatible with the product
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