Thin-film coatings

Thin-film coatings

We produce and evaluate of thin films of metals (aluminium, gold, silver, nichrome and so on) and dielectrics (e.g. SiO, MgF2, ZnS).
Our coatings are made by thermal evaporation in high-vacuum chamber.
Higest quality (of our coatings) are assured by our quartz microbalance and interferometric thickness control.
We have rich stock of coating materials.
We can evaluate performance of coatings using UV-VIS spectroscopy, both in transmission and reflection.

We do offer:
      • application of new coatings to telecope mirrors and optical instruments (also for really big ones, our setup supports diameters up to 520 mm)
      • design and manufacturing of dielectrical mirrors and antireflection coatings
      • production of transparent, conductive coating on glass (ITO)
      • basic glasswork (cutting, grinding, polishing).


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