与 Redox.me 合作 6 November 2019

Redox.me 成为我们的战略合作伙伴

We proudly announce that we have established a new cooperation.
Our partner, Redox.me, is a worldwide supplier of a wide range of accessories for (photo)-(spectro)-elecro-chemistry… with multiple combinations.
Its portfolio includes cells, electrodes, substrates, and recently also a “Switchable LED light source”. It is equipped with Redox.me cuvette holder and is labeled with a joint logo “redox.me powered by fotonowy.pl”.
We are going to expand our cooperation with other devices soon.

The full offer of Redox.me you can find here.

我们的合作伙伴 Redox.me 是一家全球供应商,为(照片)-(光谱)-电化学…提供多种配件,具有多种组合。
其产品组合包括电池、电极、基板,最近还推出了“可切换 LED 光源”。 它配备了 Redox.me 比色皿支架,并贴有联合徽标“redox.me powered by fotonowy.pl”。

您可以在此处找到 Redox.me 的完整报价。